Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What's an Author to Do When her Publisher Folds?

     A mid-summer notice from my publisher blindsided me and my 200 writer colleagues published by L&L Dreamspell, a small Indie outfit in Texas. One of the L's (Linda) had died suddenly. The other L (Lisa) made the decision to close the company.
     Thank goodness Lisa offered us some lifelines. She rounded up some publishers who agreed to give our books priority. While re-publishing required a query letter, synopsis and some editing, I feel extremely lucky to have landed a contract with The Wild Rose Press, an excellent five-year-old New York Indie company with some 800 authors.
     When I submitted my ms. to TWRP, I said, "I don't know if you'll like my novel, but it certainly fits in with your name." As it turns out, A RED, RED ROSE will be published under their "Crimson Line" (suspense)!
     A RED, RED ROSE, a Southern Gothic/cozy mystery, is in production for re-publishing as we speak, and I should receive notification any day that it will go to Kindle Select for 90 days. Some time during that period the novel will be offered free for 5 days.
     I am delighted to share with you my NEW cover. I think it's eye-catching, to say the least and very gothic, for sure. I'd love to hear your opinions.
     Also, for those who read A RED, RED ROSE and clamored for a sequel, I have finished the draft of FLOW GENTLY, SWEET ASHBY. My editor at TWRP says she'll give it a look whenever I am ready.
     Finally, I am readying EAGLEBAIT, my YA book about school bullies,
for e-book and print through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Revised and updated to include cyber-bullying, the story of how Wardy Spinks survives mean-spirited bullying and builds self-esteem, is ever relevant.
     As you can see, I have been busy. Ultimately, I feel the tragedy of a folding publisher and the effort to obtain a new one will result in better promotion for my writing.
     I will share all three publication dates as soon as I know!


Sander said...

Congratulations, Susan! I like the dramatic new cover, and I hope this republication will bring lots more readers to this really enjoyable, well written story. Good luck with the sequel. I can't wait to read it!

Loa Herbert said...

Sue, I love the new cover. Can't wait to read the sequel. Interesting title. Also, I'm looking forward to reading the updated Eagle Bait. I really enjoyed the older version. Looking forward to giving the updated version to give to my great neices and nephews who should be able to benefit from this great book. Loa