Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cover for soon-to-be-released NOBODY KNOWS

Artist, Debbie Taylor, has completed the cover for NOBODY KNOWS. Getting various responses from friends and readers far and wide--everything from, "Yikes!" to "Love it!"
I find it eye-catching and hope it is in no way off-putting. I do write ghost stories, you know! As one follower wrote on Facebook: "Now there's a face to your ghost!"
NOBODY KNOWS is the third novel in the Overhome Trilogy--cozy mystery/Southern Gothics with contemporary characters and setting and a history background--primarily Civil War. No release date yet, but I am hoping for early summer. The Wild Rose Press has published all three of the Overhome books, including: A RED, RED ROSE and BENEATH THE STONES.

Here's the cover: