Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thanksgiving Topsy-Turvy

I must say my daughter and her family know how to enliven a holiday with Murphy's Law on steroids. Son-in-law Larry's just published book STATE OF DISUNION about the long-standing rivalry between Clemson and University of South Carolina was the driving focus of our week-long stay with the Clemson Clan. Of course, Granny and Poppa were just as interested in bonding with the adorable grandgirls ages 2 and 4, and bond we did!
It started with UPS NOT delivering said books needed for the Book Launch Tuesday night. Fortunately, Ned was in Greenville at Costco and was able to pick up the load of books (which just about sold out, by the way). Son-in-law was crazy busy with book signings, appearances, talks, and his job as sports writer for Clemson. The post office closed at 5 on Wednesday, so all the hundreds of orders that had come over his website HAD to be signed, packed and shuttled to the post office before then. Did the computer refuse to print the labels? YES. Did we run out of Priority envelopes? YES. Did the broken sewer line and destruction of the concrete driveway required for sewer repair necessitate constant interruptions by workers? OF COURSE!
Somehow, working in tandem to sign, package and ship books, answer the door bell, tend to 2 and 4 year-old needs, we all managed to beat the 5 o-clock deadline at the post office.
Great! Now we can pick up the fresh turkey ordered a month ago and prepare the brining. OR NOT! The delivery person FORGOT the turkey. Forgot the turkey? It's Thanksgiving, for Pete's sake. How can you remember the rutabagas, greens, potatoes and eggs and forget the TURKEY?? So, off Ned and Larry went to drive an hour to meet the delivery person half-way after she went back home to retrieve the turkey.
What else could possibly go wrong? How about a much-needed beer, dropped onto the kitchen floor and shattering into a million glass sudsy shards. It took half an hour to make sure there were no slivers to endanger little bare feet.
I am happy to report the Thanksgiving Day meal was delicious! Loclly grown, organic, and yes, FRESH! Oh
Boy! Did we have a lot to be thankful for!