Friday, August 5, 2011

GRAND times

When our grandson came to visit the Lake for his first "Camp Granny," I was racking my brain thinking of things for him to do. Then I remembered my own visits with my beloved Grandma. What did we do? We gathered eggs from the henhouse, picked veggies from the garden and cooked them, made jelly from the grapes, and she even taught me to crochet rag rugs from her old support hose (Grandma wasted nothing!) What wonderful memories we made doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary for her, but making magic for me.

So...Grandson and I walked, kayaked, swam, fished, hosed the garden and told stories. Nothing out of the ordinary for us at the Lake. Well, we DID go to the Bridge to play the arcade games, but I doubt that is something he'll remember years hence. Too bad I've forgotten how to crochet!

On another note, Darrell Laurant, writer for the Lynchburg News & Advance wrote a super review/article about Eaglebait. Thanks, Darrell. I've posted it on Facebook for anyone interested in reading it.