Monday, January 31, 2011

Exciting news!

I am working on a reprint of EAGLEBAIT in paperback, through Authors Guild's Back-in-print program.  Anti-bullying programs for schools throughout the country are springing up everywhere, even in the Virginia legislature (!)  Since EAGLEBAIT is already cited on a half dozen websites for anti-bullying groups, I'm super psyched that the book will again be available by POD through iUniverse.  More details as the project develops.  I'll be asking for help from my readers and educator colleagues when it comes to promotion/marketing.

On another high-note, my novel A RED, RED ROSE has generated interest with a small, independent publisher.  I'm almost afraid to say much lest I jinx the reality, and so will leave you with that nibblet until I have a contract in hand. 

Keep reading, friends, and raise a glass in support of all the struggling authors among us!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Aloha, everyone from the sunny shores of Oahu.  We are visiting our son, his wife and our grand daughter.  Lucky for us they live in Hawai.  It could have been Podunk, Arkansas.  I am writing, writing even here and have just sent off a new ms.  Wish me luck!  Am working to get Eaglebait into paperback and possbly E-book.  If it takes off, I may write a follow-up--Son of Eaglebait!  Eaglebait Rides Again!  But I am way ahead of myself.  Anyway, off to the beach.  More later.  Enjoy your snow and we'll enjoy our sunshine.