Thursday, October 25, 2012

History Research for A RED, RED ROSE

The Bedford Friends of the Library sponsored a speaking event for me Tuesday night at the Central Library. I detailed my research process for historical events in SW Virginia that provided the background for setting, characters and plot, not to mention theme, in my cozy mystery/Southern Gothic A RED, RED ROSE. What a responsive audience! The Bedford Museum was the source for much of my findings, so I was gratified that an employee there attended my talk. And...I've been invited to speak before their geneological society in July!
My thanks and gratitiude to all the folks who make the arts real and accessible in our wonderful community.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The oldest book club in Bedford, Virginia

What a thrill it was to share a RED, RED ROSE with one group of snazzy ladies yesterday. To begin with, being present while a book club discusses your very own book is surreal. To top it off, this is The Friday Book Club, the oldest book club in Bedford, which just celebrated its 75th anniversary! Folks, the original members were reading Hemingway when he was a budding writer!
Yesterday's event was just plain fun! The ladies asked good questions and told me how they really felt about my book, which warmed the cockles of this old writer's heart. The meeting was held in a lovely house and home-made refreshments displayed fetchingly on an autumn-themed table included apple cider, home-made brownies and pumpkin-shaped chocolates.
Wow! I felt like Queen for a Day! Thanks, Friday Book Club. You know how to treat a hard-working author.