Sunday, February 5, 2012

FBI in Hawaii! Surprise, surprise!

Bet you didn't know that FBI means Friend of the Big Island--a group here on Hawaii. We think of ourselves as FBI-FANS of the Big Island. The Hapuna Beach Hotel is grand and seems uniquely tailored to us. There's a 50-meter pool for lap-swimming, numerous gourmet eateries, and a mile-long white-sands beach peppy enough for boogie-boarding and body-surfing, but gentle enough for fun paddling, wading and swimming. We're sure enjoying our "vacation from our vacation" in Hawaii.
We're also doing some historic touring here: King Kamehaha's birthplace, Mauna Kea observatory, the "City of Refuge," and the historic village of Wainae with its paniola (cowboy) traditions. Eating WAY too much but doing a lot of exercising too--swimming, surfing, walking, and I sneak in yoga early in the mornings.
I just finished the most amazing book - ROOM. Different
from anything else I've ever read. Highly recomment it!
Aloha for now. Will try to post a pic or two.