Tuesday, January 24, 2012

EAGLEBAIT Across the Nation

I've just spent three days in the wonderful state of Hawaii "book-talking" and work-shopping my young adult novel EAGLEBAIT with over 300 middle school students. They have been a marvelous crew--receptive, responsive, and rousingly fun! I could not have dreamed up a better audience. Several school libraries now offer EAGLEBAIT on their shelves and one school is considering using the novel for a unit they are doing on family relations. How to turn a vacation into a lttle sales and promotion!
On a related topic, I've just sent back my final edits for my next book, A RED, RED ROSE, to be published this spring by L&L Dreamspell. A RED,RED ROSE is a Southern gothic with a 20-year-old protagonist, probably suitable for high school and older. I call it part gothic, part paranormal (yes, there's a ghost involved) and ALL fun!
Soon it will be back to the beach for me. Aloha, friends. More later along with some fetching photos.

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