Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wow! Do we stay busy in this lush tropical paradise! What fun to eat yummy "fusion" cuisine while enjoying the live performance of our fav Hawaiian duo, the Brothers Kaz. Add to that a basketball game at Univ. of HI, Aieda at the Honolulu Opera House, A live performance of "A Prairie Home Companion," with Garrison Keiler and his entourage at the Blaisdell Center (New Year's Eve), and almost daily beac

h excursions and family get-togethers...well, you get the picture.
All this eating and partying necessitates daily exercise, which is easy when the weather only varies a few degrees from day to day and night to night. Pictured is a bit of my view as I walk around Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach. I can almost forget I'm working out when there's so much to see. I've counted 40 different activities on and around Magic Island--everything from rowing teams on outrigger boats to Karate matches--weddings and kid parties with bouncy blow-ups--yoga and spinning and Tai Chi classes--church services (even a baptism in the Pacific Ocean)and surfing, of course.
This Wednesday we fly to the Big Island for a week at the Hapuna Beach Resort. Last year Kiluea erupted and the sunami wiped out Kona Bay exactly one week after we left the Big Island. Adventure awaits!
Aloha to all

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