Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life is popping at Smith Mountain Lake

So much going on in these parts.  The annual Lakeside Singers concert will be first weekend in June and it's gonna be wonderful!  "Kitz @ Heart," is the theme--great songs from Disney, Oz, Seussical, and much more.  Lakeside Singers is a part of the Smith Mt. Arts Council, which provides a huge variety of activities related to the arts.  We have coffee houses featuring singers and instrumentalists and comedians; we have an art contest and a photo contest and this year a novel-writing contest; we have play-readers and stained-glass groups, and writers groups and a zillion other special interest venues.  There's a program in the schools which brings writers and actors  and musicians into the classrooms and each year scholarships are awarded for students who will study the arts.  I wrote press/publicity for them for 3 years; it was a year-round job. It's nice to be able to retire in a location that values the arts in such an intense way.  I'm a long-time fan of the Smith Mountain Arts Council.

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